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Monday, October 24, 2011

WPTF Reports: Real Estate Recovery

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or buy a new one our “must hear” special…WPTF Reports, "Real Estate Recovery" can help. Hear insight and forecasts of what’s going to happen in the real estate world.

Dave Ramsey
Phylis Brookshire - Realtor
Mike Morrison - Mortgage Broker
Harvey Schmitt - Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
Rick Sharga - Senior Vice President RealityTrac
Tim Minton - Wake County Builders Association
Peter D'Arruda - Investment Advisor

--What homeowners are going through and when will the market see a turn around.

--Homes sales, what's available and how to make a home that is for sale appealing.

--Current mortgage availabilities, what has changed and what you need to know to get a mortgage.

--How employment and unemployment affect our home industry.

--Foreclosures numbers past and future.

--How lower home sales and foreclosures have affected the local building market.

--The affects of lower home values on retirement plans.

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