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Monday, March 8, 2010

Carolina Newsmakers 3/7/10

Robert Orr - Former NC Supreme Court Justice

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  1. Justice Orr

    I heard your broadcast on WGBR Radio Station - your knowledge of the NC Constitution gave me hope that you might could point me in the right direction to get the attention of the legislature relative to the habitual felon law and my ideas about amendments - cutting expenses and also perhaps obtaining the release of my son and thousands of other sons with no record of violent offenses and no victims if they have served the time for the offense supporting the habitual felon status. The appropriate amendments would leave vacancies for violent dangerous criminals and create funds to retain our teachers, perhaps with raises, maintain our Smart Start Program etc without creating a public safety issue - also prison building would be reduced which would save millions of dollars as well as reduce prison population enormously. Also with attention to a study in the House sponsored by Rep. Gibson and Rep. Brubaker #DRHl0802-LH-205.
    I have written a letter, todays date, to you relating to my situation.

    Thank your for reading the letter.

    Shirley D Gardner